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  • Buying a home is the single most important financial commitment most you face in your lifetime.
    While rewarding in the end the process can also be one of the most stressful events that you might have to endure.

    We help relieve this stress with our Home Buyers Guide that we hope makes the process a much more enjoyable experience that after all we would all hope this to be.

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  • What Documents You Need To Apply For A Loan

    Applying for a loan is a very big step, and it’s not always straightforward. To help make it simple, here is a handy list of the documents you are likely to need when you meet with your finance broker . You are ready to buy a home, you just need a mortgage. Before you go rushing off to meet with your local finance broker , be sure that you have a few documents on hand to prove your identity, income, assets and liabilities. Identity You will need two of the following three: passport; driver’s licence; and photo identification, such as a university identification card or proof of age card....

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    Case Study: A Home For Three Generations

    After her divorce, Rebecca decided to buy a house in which she, her mother Denise and her son Oliver could live. A local finance broker was able to help, even though the family didn’t have a big deposit. Rebecca Miller was in her late 20s when divorce led her and her young son Oliver to move in with Rebecca’s mother. Determined to turn a bad situation into a good investment, Rebecca decided to use the divorce settlement as a deposit on a new home. Although Rebecca’s mum Denise was in her early 60s, her stable income meant she could manage repayments, and Rebecca would continue to work ...

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    Case Study: Financing A Very Small Property

    There’s no question that the GFC changed lending. For Maria Vincent, policy changes associated with the GFC meant that the lender she already had a mortgage with wouldn’t allow her to release equity from her property to purchase another. Maria Vincent, having purchased a 36 square metre apartment seven years ago, was recently ready to upgrade and visited her MFAA Approved finance broker . To pay the deposit and related expenses on the new, larger property, she needed to release equity in her current apartment. “She wanted to keep the one-bedroom unit as an investment property for tax ...

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