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  • Buying a home is the single most important financial commitment most you face in your lifetime.
    While rewarding in the end the process can also be one of the most stressful events that you might have to endure.

    We help relieve this stress with our Home Buyers Guide that we hope makes the process a much more enjoyable experience that after all we would all hope this to be.

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  • What To Expect From Your First Meeting With Your Finance Broker

    The first step in buying a property, a business or commercial equipment is often securing the finance, and the ‘make or break’ nature of that can make the first meeting with a finance broker a daunting prospect. Your first meeting with a finance broker is an opportunity to really get cracking on making your dreams a reality. He or she has the expertise to help you do this, but you will need to pitch in as well, of course. It’s important to do your homework before that first meeting. “Know the questions you want to ask and have a clear picture of what you’re after,” says Mortgage ...

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    10 Questions To Ask Your Finance Broker

    You’ve saved your deposit and you’re ready to start looking at properties, but have you considered all the details? Here are 10 questions to which you need answers. How do I choose the right finance broker? Look for a finance broker who’s a member of the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia). MFAA members must hold diploma standard qualifications and maintain continuing professional development. Plus, should anything go awry, your complaints may be investigated by the MFAA’s Tribunal. How many properties should I look at before buying? A good rule of thumb is to ...

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    How To get a Business Loan

    When applying for a business loan, it's essential to prepare a detailed business plan and fully inform the lender about your proposed venture. This information helps your finance broker and lender to provide you with guidance towards the right type of finance. Decisions to make Deciding that your business needs a loan is only the first step. There are a number of things to consider; how much do you need to borrow; what type of loan will you need; how long will you need it for; can the business afford to repay the loan, interest and any one-off or ongoing fees that come with the loan; what ...

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