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  • Buying a home is the single most important financial commitment most you face in your lifetime.
    While rewarding in the end the process can also be one of the most stressful events that you might have to endure.

    We help relieve this stress with our Home Buyers Guide that we hope makes the process a much more enjoyable experience that after all we would all hope this to be.

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  • How Much Is The First Home Owner Grant?

    The First Home Owner Grant is is one of the best known grants available and has been highly beneficial in helping Australians buy their first home. A first home buyer can make the application for the grant themselves or can enlist the help of their mortgage provider. The following general information was correct at the time of publication. It should not be relied upon. You should make further enquiries by checking the latest advice from your state or territory on the links shown below. ACT Forthcoming Changes The First Home Owner Grant has been retargeted to new and substantially renovated ...

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    How Can I Recognise A Good Finance Broker?

    Choice, comparison, and MFAA membership. A good finance broker can be a great asset. But how do you tell if your finance broker  is any good? A good finance broker  will present you with choice, do product comparisons and be an MFAA member. Does your finance broker represent multiple lenders? The advantage of going to a finance broker  is that they can present you with a wide range of products. If your finance broker only gives you one or two lenders to choose from, you may consider someone who has a wider option. Does your finance broker compare products? It’s generally difficult to ...

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    Case Study: On Tailored Time

    Tim Lismore doesn’t work traditional hours, so when he was looking at refinancing, he needed someone handling his mortgage who could meet on his terms. With a job that frequently took him overseas, Tim Lismore didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to mortgage financing with his Australian bank. He could only access his personal banker during Sydney’s 9am-5pm workday, and that same inflexibility with the schedule extended to refinancing. When he approached his personal banker about reducing rates, he was given a non-negotiable figure. It made him feel like he was just another computer ...

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