• Refinance & Debt Consolidation

  • There are various reasons to refinance your home loan with the most common reason being to obtain a loan with better terms and a cheaper interest rate.

    Most borrowers maintain their home loans for years without much attention mainly to the fact that they are able to make the payments without any difficulties. The facts are however home loan products are continuously evolving to better suit consumer demand and this usually means loans taking out years ago are obsolete and most likely more costly that comparable loans available today.

    It is recommended that borrowers monitor the market to ensure their home loan product is one of the best available.

    For others it may be an advantage to consolidate all of your financial obligations including credit cards, personal loans and other household or business debts. These are general high interest rate loans with short term repayment cycles that can place a huge strain on cash flow. 

    If experiencing financial hardship, it is crucial to act promptly to avoid losing control of your finances and one of the options to consider is to consolidate these debts with your home loan. This has two major benefits
    – firstly, the monthly commitments are reduced significantly by spreading payments over the longer term of the home loan and secondly the interest rate is lower.

    Before you decide to refinance it is recommended you talk to us to assess whether or not it is beneficial to refinance by obtaining an obligation free Home Loan health Check.

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