• Motor Vehicle Finance

  • During most people’s lifetime the second biggest purchase will be their motor vehicle. This sometimes can be a harrowing experience because of the high pressure tactics employed by many car salesman that won’t take no for an answer.

    Additionally they will also try to sell extras associated with the vehicle including vehicle optional accessories, insurance and finance much of which may not have been the intention to buy at the time.

    The main benefit to customers for buying these items is the convenience that the dealer offers in organising all these services at the one location.

    Rarely however are the best deals delivered because extra sales made are invariably restricted by agreements made between the dealer and service provider. The salesman’s incentive generally is more commission earnings rather than expertise on these products sold. So the buyer’s best interests are not necessarily taken into account.

    Finance is an important part of buying a car and Beltina specialises in this area, while, the dealer primarily sells cars. Optional extras, finance and insurance are secondary features of its products offered to customers. 

    Beltina only arranges finance for its clients – not motor vehicles, nor insurance, or other financial services. Should clients enquire about these services we refer them to highly trusted specialists in their fields of expertise.

    Arranging finance loans is what we do best and, as a consequence, Beltina provides an efficient service at competitive

    rates for either business or personal use. If you require finance to assist buy your motor car click here

    Motor vehicle Products

    Business and Self-Employed

    • Chattel Mortgages
    • Finance Leases
    • Commercial Hire Purchase
    • Salary Packaging – Novation

    Preferred Client Profile

    • Established business with ABN
    • Business Principals are property owners or 3 years at rented home
    • Satisfactory credit checks for applicants and guarantors, and/or
    • Financial statements confirming ability to meet business commitments

    Should applicants not meet this basic criteria (e.g. a new business operation, credit history concerns, tec.) funding can be

    organised with satisfactory mitigating circumstances.

    Personal Lease

    Preferred Client Profile

    • Annual gross income > $50k
    • Preferred home owner for 2 years or same rental for 2 years
    • Clear credit file
    • 2 years continuous employment with the same employer. If less than 2 years, previous employment. details

    Credit Application Requirements

    • Proof of Income: either, 2 x most recent payslips displaying employer ABN number, or
      • Group Certificate or ATO Notice of Assessment < 12 months old, or
      • Letter of employment on company letter outlining: annual income, time employed, position
    • Proof of Identity - Copy of applicant's driver’s license
    • Proof of property ownership - rates notes, or if renting, landlords details required

    Consumer Finance

    Preferred Client Profile

    • Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
    • Permanent Employment or long term Part Time/Casual
    • Clear credit file with no overdue debts
    • 2 years continuous employment with the same employer. If less than 2 years, previous employment. details

    Credit Application Requirements

    • 2 x most recent payslips , Group Certificate or Tax return
    • Statement of Assets & Liabilities and Privacy Consent
    • Proof of Identity - Copy of applicant's driver’s license
    • Pass loan serviceability calculation.

    Enhanced Consumer Loan Product

    In addition to motor vehicle Consumer Loan offer, we are able to provide new recreational or 'lifestyle' asset under a

    Consumer Loan product, including:

    • Motorcycles and Scooters (Road Bikes only)
    • Caravans
    • Campervans
    • Motor homes.

    The maximum loan amount under this Consumer Loan product is $250,000. This applies to all asset types excluding motorcycles and scooters, which are capped at $100,000.

    Business Professionals Policy

    This is designed to assist Medical (including Vets and Optometrists), Legal, Accounting, Engineering, and
    Architects professionals where the applicant is a partner, director or owner of the business:

    Up to $150,000 per passenger vehicle up to four years old is available without requiring financials. Standard terms and residual/balloon guidelines apply.

    Preferred Client Profile

    • Minimum of two years relevant professional association (AMA, ADA, CPA) membership or minimum of 2 years with the same firm
    • Property ownership confirmed (for principals, ownership can be confirmed in their partners name)
    • Acceptable Credit File record

    OR, where the professional is a salaried employee: up to $75,000 per passenger car up to four years old

    • Minimum two years in the same firm
    • Property ownership confirmed
    • Acceptable Credit File record


    Loans are available up to 75 per cent of gross annual income (e.g. $200,000 income required for $150,000 car) to a maximum of $150,000 per passenger car

    Preferred Client Profile

    • Minimum two years at the same agency
    • Property ownership confirmed
    • Acceptable Credit File record

    Qualifying Requirements

    Additional financial and other information may be needed if the above criteria are not satisfied or the total client exposure exceeds $300,000 with the lender.

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