• Home Purchase

  • Most people buy a home only once or twice during their lifetime and finding a loan can be a very daunting experience. Dealing with lending institutions can be exasperating, frustrating and down right intimidating. By using our services clients only need to deal with one person at Beltina that negotiates with all the banks on their behalf. This saves time and removes the anxiety of going through the process of finding a suitable home loan. Being an independent broker Beltina is able to objectively assess and match its clients with the appropriate bank to secure the best available loan is obtained. This process is conducted with efficiency that allows the process to be completed promptly. In many instances a bank will not mention cheaper products available to applicants, unless asked specifically. As a consequence borrowers may miss out on receiving the best product on offer. Being experienced in this field Beltina is aware of the full arrange of products with each of its panel lenders so we are able to negotiate the cheapest loans available (for which our client qualifies) from the banks.

    Our services are generally provided to its clients at no cost because we receive a commission from the lender. The loans available from our lenders are provided at the same cost (although sometimes cheaper) for any customer that applies directly to the bank. Beltina’s professional staff always acts in the client’s best interests and that ensures customers receive a loan suited to them, rather than a loan the bank wants to provide.

    The main features of our mortgage services are:

    • Purchase
    • Refinance
    • Equity Release
    • Guarantor
    • Construction
    • Bridging 

    Beltina also has the flexibility to fit in completely with its clients life/work schedule and we will visit clients at any time and place to suit. This can be at home, work or evening by phone at any reasonable time and day of the week.

    Obtaining a Home loan is as easy as

    1. Contact Beltina
    2. Beltina Assessment and Recommendation
    3. Beltina collates and prepares relevant documents
    4. Beltina sends these to the bank for approval
    5. Beltina co-ordinates loan documents ready for settlement
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