• Home Loan Products

  • There are literally hundreds of different loans available that may be tailored to suit. These include fixed andv ariable rates, combinations of both, others designed for “professionals”, or an investor, and of course the owner/occupier. The level of choice can be quite confusing for borrowers that do not normally deal with such matters on a daily basis.
    We provide an extensive range of mortgage products that cover virtually every need and allow us to offer the very best mortgage home loan products to our customers. This value of choice at Beltina means that you can find the right loan, at the right time, that’s right for you at Beltina.
    One of the premium products available is a basic home loan package with variable interest rate. It is extremely competitive in cost and contains all features associated with a standard home loan. It is ideal for those savvy borrowers that utilise the latest technologies to maximise benefits available under their financial obligations.

    Main Features and Benefits

    • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly repayments
    • Repayments by bank account Direct Debit. Optional Direct Credit and BPay facilities available
    • Free Account Access via Internet and phone
    • Full benefits of additional repayments
    • Free redraw via internet and phone
    • Facility can be split into multiple loan products - Variable and Fixed Rate combinations
    • Repayment Structures may include
      • Principle and Interest
      • Interest Only
      • Evergreen Lines of Credit.
    • Optional offset capacity
    • Optional Credit Card facilities
    • Construction Loan option available

    Obtaining a Home loan is as easy as

    1. Contact Beltina
    2. Beltina Assessment and Recommendation
    3. Beltina collates and prepares relevant documents
    4. Beltina sends these to the bank for approval
    5. Beltina co-ordinates loan documents ready for settlement