• Developer Finance

  • Beltina has extensive experience in structuring development finance facilities throughout Australia for residential, commercial, office, industrial, retail and land subdivisions.

    Access to Capital

    We have a variety of panel lenders offering competitive interest rates that means that we are able to deliver appropriate funding options specific to project requirements.

    Beltina offers a wide array of funding options including the following:

    • Prime Rate Development Finance Packages
    • No Pre-Sale Funding Options - Private Investor Funded
    • Stretched Senior Facilities to 75% of GRV & 90% of TDC!
    • Mezzanine Finance
    • Land Subdivisions
    • Land Bank
    • Take out / residual stock finance
    • Distressed / Workout Solutions
    • Commercial Property loans to 80% LVR

    We can help funding for all stages of the construction cycle from financing the initial purchase of the land all the way through to construction drawdowns:

    • Land Bank Facilities for land acquisition and to fund approval costs
    • Construction - Progressive draw-down facilities
    • Take-out Facilities allows for the refinance of the existing construction facilities using stock as security to release equity, or to allow additional time for an extended selling period

    Construction finance facilities may be structured in many ways tailored to a project’s specific needs. Typical property development loan structures mainly fall within the following three categories;

    • Full Doc Development Finance facilities are typically sourced via banks and other major financial institutions such as super funds, generally requiring pre-sales (or pre-leases) as well as current up-to-date financials. They offer the best form of construction finance currently available in terms of interest rates and associated costs.
    • Low Doc, No pre-sale Development Finance facilities are usually sourced through private investor/lenders, with the main advantage that they generally do not require pre-sales or financials. They are generally much more flexible in their lending criteria.
    • Stretched Senior Construction Finance facilities that go to a higher LVR than typical lenders on a senior debt basis without using a mezzanine facility. Senior stretched construction finance may be extended up to 75% of Gross Realisation Value (“GRV”) and 90% of Total Development Costs (“TDC”).
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