• When Beltina first commenced operations it specialised in this area of real estate lending. It is important for clients to obtain expert assistance when seeking loans against commercial and industrial property.

    Beltina will assess its clients’ requirements and collate all the necessary information to be included with a professionally presented proposal submitted to the lender.

    Clients are required to provide a Mandate Authority that enables us to negotiate and present a proposal to the lender. This Mandate outlines the parameters within which we will organise a loan and also includes our fees for this service. The lender usually pays a commission to us and this in many instances would be sufficient, depending upon the complexity of the transaction.

    The main features of our services include:-

    1. Beltina will visit its clients at any time and place to suit. This can be at home, work or onsite at any reasonable time and day of the week.
    2. Beltina reviews the circumstances and provides recommendation that guarantees its client’s needs are place first. Then if agreed Mandate Authority is obtained to proceed.
    3. Beltina collates relevant documents and presents application to the lender
    4. Beltina co-ordinates loan documents ready for settlement
    5. Beltina provides ongoing support to assist its clients manage their loan portfolios
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